The studio & Me I help people to keep their memories alive through print.

I originally graduated from graphic design, but always enjoyed working on my drawing pad the most. My further educational background is a masters degree of philosophy which helped me to shape my ideas thoughtfully. It was during my studies when I also discovered my passion for traveling.

Today, working on my line of paper goods combines what I love most: to observe nature and different cultures, and tell exciting stories of life by turning them into inspiring visuals.


By the way, Lykkefund is the name of a rambler rose from Denmark, which is now almost 100 years old.  It translates into “lucky find” or "lucky background," and it is with this in mind that  I welcome you here.






Between glowing screens and spinning heads, there is still room for the special little moments of pause, such as when you receive a beautiful handwritten card.


Maybe you remember that rare kind of happiness that only such a little gift can bring, and surely you agree with me that we better keep our memories alive through print than lose them in cyberspace forever.


I aim to offer ready-made as well as

commissioned illustrated stationery regularly and almost for any occasion, because whenever you want to say something important, then nothing can replace a personal, unique card.









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